Delivering excellence

We have over 4,500 excellent people in more than 50 locations in the UK and with our future ambitions, those numbers are set to increase.

Our ways of working are what makes us different from other delivery carriers, so we see this as a strength. In recent years we've transformed our business, and our ways of working are now key to ensuring our people are aligned and working towards the same goals.

Our ways of working


We give all our customers the service we are proud of and would want to receive ourselves. We take ownership and deliver on our promises treating every parcel, packet or piece of mail as the most important item.


We keep things simple, working in the most cost effective and profitable way. We avoid wasting money, energy and time, always ensuring we achieve our goals.


We are always looking for ways to be the best and improve in what we do so we can continue to thrive. We seek to encourage change in the way we work.


We are connected and work together as one team to do our very best. We listen, understand, respect and trust each other and always make sure that we are responsible for what we say and do.